What is the correct way to test a burn?

[][] Source file is a ReplayTV MPEG… transfered to my PC… converted… edited… menus made in UleadMovieFactory-3… then using DVDShrink… create an ISO of the file so that it fits a DVD+R disc and then burned…[][]

I have two DVD drives on my computer…

‘Microadvantage 16DDVDRW-A13 – DVD±RW 16X Superdrive’
‘NEC ND_1100A [W/Custom 1300 Firmware]’

I burn the disc’s using Nero ver:

: “SONY” labeled :
Media code/Manufacturer ID: YUDEN000T02
Media Product Revision Number: 00h

Now when I run the “NERO” or “DVDInfoPro” tests on the ‘burning drive’ “16DDVDRW-A13”, everything test fine!?!

But if I but the same disc into the 'NEC_ND_1100A" and run the tests… they always fail due to a large number of read errors or bad blocks…?? If the read fails on this drive doesn’t this mean that the disc’s will have troubles being read back on my set-top DVD players??

OR could it be that my old ‘NEC’ is about ready to give up the ghost??
How can I test these drives??
Dazed and Confused… and tired of wife yelling at me because movies do not play back on DVD-Player


Use CD-DVD Speed.


T02 media is relatively new, maybe your NEC drive doesn’t support these discs and therefore its’ firmware doesn’t have the appropriate write strategy.