What is the copyright levy on blank media in your country?

I know that many countries, especially in EU, have some sort of “copyright levy” on blank media that goes to some organization that represents artists etc. I therefore thought it might be interesting to see how high this levy is in different countries so please post information about what it is in your country (if you can provide a link to the organization that handles the levy it would be nice too). Here is the info I found so far:

CD-R/RW: 1.84 DKK ~ 0.25€/disc
DVD±R/RW/RAM: 9.87 DKK ~ 1.33€/disc(!)
Handled by Copy-Dan.

CD-R/RW: 0.096€/disc??? (not sure that’s correct so please correct me if not)
DVD±R/RW/RAM: 0.174€/disc
Handled by GEMA.

CD-R/RW: 1.25 SEK (incl. VAT) ~ 0.14€/disc
DVD±R/RW/RAM: 4.06 SEK (incl. VAT) ~ 0.44€/disc
Handled by Copyswede. (It will likely be raised later this year.)

I also found this page but much of the info is old or missing.

Australia - None.

in the UK not yet but don’t give them idea’s :stuck_out_tongue:


CD-R/RW: $0.21/disk

There is a higher levy on CD-R Audio but I don’t buy them so I don’t know what it is.

That would be why European retailers buy their Verbatim from the UK at reduced prices. Especially Spanish customers!

Yep, just yesterday i saw 5x Samsung (Pleomax) for 20€ in the supermarket (DK) and they had 10x Fuji Film cdr 48x on offer for only 10€ :rolleyes:

I don’t know the exact value of this tax in France.
It’s around 0.50€ for each cd-r and
around 1.20 € for dvd

It seems to be 0.77 CAD for CD-R/RW Audio and Minidisc according to Copyright Board of Canada.

:eek: that’s a lot! I found that it was handled by Sacem but I was unable to find the amount (probably because my French is not very good…) so thanks for the info!


MiniDisc € 0,32 a hour
Audio-cd-r/rw € 0,42 a hour (€ 0,52 for 74 minuts)
Data-cd-r/rw € 0,14 a disc
Blanco dvd-r/rw € 0,60 a 4,7 gigabyte*
Blanco dvd+r/rw € 0,40 a 4,7 gigabyte*
The difference between -R and +R is a result of Philips.
Handled by Stichting De Thuiskopie

For Denmark it’s even worse than this, because 25% VAT is added to the copyright levy as well!

The Danish Customs & Tax office (Told & Skat) has just released a report about cross-border retail, and by their estimate danes buy 80% of their blank media from other countries, mainly Germany (and Sweden as #2) because of the very high levy and consequently a total lack of price competition in danish stores.

The price of a blank DVD in retail shops in Denmark is roughly 8 times as high as when bought from Germany over the net!

AFAIK Sweden is raising their levy to the same astronomical level on July 1st this year, so expect the Swedes to begin buying blank media from abroad shortly.

Most people I know already buy their media from Germany. The levy should have been raised on July 1st but Copyswede and IMI couldn’t agree on the amount so it has been delayed. We will get a new levy on MP3 players and HDD recorders on July 1st though :Z


There is one in the UK, but it only goes on blank CDR media sold as being for audio use, that is why these blanks are dearer than the norm…

Ordinary blanks nothing…


United States: 3% on audio CD-R and DAT. 17 USC 10 C 1004(b). Regular, data CD-R are not taxed.

Ҥ 1004. Royalty payments
(b) Digital Audio Recording Media.— The royalty payment due under section 1003 for each digital audio recording medium imported into and distributed in the United States, or manufactured and distributed in the United States, shall be 3 percent of the transfer price. Only the first person to manufacture and distribute or import and distribute such medium shall be required to pay the royalty with respect to such medium.”

disgusting, theyre basically saying if you’re buying blank media then you’re obviously a criminal breaching somebodys copyright, so although we have no proof you’re commiting an offence we affirm guilt.

Wow that sure is high in some countries!. 1.33 Euros per DVD in Denmark. Ouch, that’s about four times what I pay as the total price per DVD here (in Australia), and the 1.33 Euro is just the levy.

Too bad for the people who use their DVD’s to back up data or make there own home movies. At that price you’d have to start pirating shit just to pay for the dam lavy. :wink:

Norway: None. But media still cost much. Examples: cheapest TY 8x +/-: 0.9 € (1.1 $ USD) per disc. Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL: 9 € (11 $ USD) per disc.

(VAT here is 25%)


Minidisc/CDR Audio: 0.23eur/ hour

CD-R(W): 0.12eur / cd
DVD: 0.59eur / dvd

Taxes done by Auvibel, and there are statistics they only pay ~5% of the money they got to artists, and the rest, prolly all in their pockets :Z

(off topics)
VAT is 19.6 % in France but we have the vile TIPP (Taxe Intérieure sur les
Produits Pétroliers). It’s a tax on everything related to Petroleum and the value of this tax is around 80 % ! :a

I don’t know if we have to pay “copyright levy” or not… they wanted to implement such a thing but I’m don’t know if they have… probably not.

You can get here the cheapest TY disc for a little less than 0.6€/disc (Verbatim pastel 8x, Fuji TY are about 0.66€/disc), 16x MCC are the same as TY (0.6€/disc), 8x MCC are even cheaper… 0.48€/disc.

Verbatim DL disc cost about 7.5€/disc.

VAT here is 20%

As mister-T said, current blank dvd media tax is 1,27€ and was as high as 1,59 few months ago. It is scheduled to go down a little, but because USB flash storage devices will be taxed in 2006… :frowning:

and for the TIPP, for a short time it was floating, but it has now reverted to fixed, even though petrol is at a historical high… thank you politics… :frowning: