What is the Burst rate on BenQ 1621 EXT

Does anyone know what the burst raqte should be on a BenQ 1621. When I first bought it I could swear it was over 20MBs, Now it is 12mbs. What could cause this?

IIRC it is usually 20-21 MB over USB. Power off/on the drive and try again.

I do not see a power off and on button on the external drive where is it.

Then take the main power plug.

LOL… :bigsmile:

Thankyou Ala42, that did it. Back up to 20mbs. It happened when I flashed to 47P9 from 47N9. Do you think I should flash again?

No. the same thing happens when you flash the drive internally. Directly after flashing the drive seems to change from DMA mode to PIO. After a reset/reboot everything is and stays fine.

what’s sustained?

Well I must thankyou again, because I was really worried, I really like this drive (1621) and I thought I had messed it up by a bad flash or something. I never would have thought to unplug it and plug it in again, I am an old man (over 60 years) and I get nervous when things do not work properly. Thankyou again.

That’s not old, I’m only a few years behind you. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, a few “few”. Heck, never stop learning right?! :flower:

Zevia between you and Ala42 I could live to be 100 and never know as much as you or Ala42. You have both helped me the past and I am grateful that you both are on this forum.

And after the flash you got this message.
Maybe I should use Photoshop and make it bigger for you… j/k. :bigsmile:

Yes you are correct, pinto2 and I did not understand I thought by rebooting the CPU since it was attached via USB they would both turn off and on together, since the External did not have an off/on button. I did not realize they meant to disconnect the main power cord also when rebooting, my error, sometimes it takes me awhile to understand but I do now. Thankyou, I have a 21 Mb. burst rate which Ala42 says is correct. Now I have to figure out why I get such horrid scans with this drive and excellent media. I only use Ty and Verbatim. Maybe I will try burning slower than 12X with this drive.