What is the BEST?

Hi Guys

I`m after a little bit of help with my shopping and since this is the place to find it here i am .

I am in the middle of building a PC with the intension of using it JUST for backing up stuff on DVDr/rw and CDr/rw . I`m after a bit of advice off you experts out there who visit this forum on which DVD reader to buy . It must be very adapt at reading BOTH DVDr/rw and CDr/rw for PS2/X-BOX/Audio . If you do not mind me asking which is the best IDE drive and SCSI drive ??? . I already have a UltraPlex 40x,Pioneer 104 and a Plexwriter 40/12/40 i just need this last piece in the jigsaw . I would much prefer SCSI as this will free off an IDE slot which could be used for storage purposes ( 1x 123Gb IBM ) but i would like your opinions on both .

Cheers and thanx in advance for ALL help provided

Keep up the good work making this the BEST cd/r knowledge forum around .