What is the best?

What is the ruling out there on what CDRW drive to but? Plextor Liteon TDK…? I want to use the AWS built into CCD. I want to make as close to the best copy of games as possible. I currently have a 16/10/40 TDK.

I also need the recommendation on what reader drive to get, to work around the atip. I currently have an AOPEN 16x DVD drive.
Do I need a different one?

Bottom line best choices for the best copying.

Thanks Allot

Top two:
Expensive… Plextor PX-W2410A (FW Rev 1.02)
For Price… Lite-on LTR-24102B

Brand Name… TEAC CD-W524A
Not so sexy… LG GCE-8160B & ASUS CRW-1610A
No PSX… any Acer
Works in burner only… Yamaha CRW-21xx/22xx

Those above will backup SD2 titles, in varying degrees, but they are readers of varying capability. You don’t need AWS with a SD2 capable writer. The Plex & Lite-On can standalone as reader/writer.

You can’t go past the Lite-on LTD-163 or the Toshiba SD-M1402/1502 as readers. I don’t know the capability of the AOpen DVD-ROM for reading subchannels or Fast Error Skipping.

You get around the ATIP check by playing in a CD/DVD-ROM or using the Hide CDR media option in the CCD system tray icon :slight_smile: