What is the BEST WRITER for me?

It is simple… just tell me which is the best writer, and remember that:

  • i’m not interested in write speed
  • i’m not interested in cd-text
  • i’m not interested in the price

I just want to:

  • copy as many protections as possible
  • copy as many protections as possible
  • copy as many protections as possible

Thank you

Game cd protections or audio cd protections? The answer is different depending upon which is more important to you.

I bought the Yamaha CRW-F1, because it can rip all the audioprotections that are used at this moment.
But when you want to copy data (games), i suggest you to wait a little bit longer, until it is sure which drive can handle SecuROM new and SafeDisc 2.8x.

I just need to defeat game copy protections, copying audio protections would be only a nice addition :slight_smile:


48x Asus is the writer for you then. Of course, the best burner for your requirements could change by next week but that’s just the way it goes, I’m afraid. :wink:

  • i’m not interested in the price
    What about a LiteOn and a Plextor?

Well, of course, if he’s got the dosh to buy both, you’d be hard pressed to do better. The plex being a superior reader and able to handle audio protections and the Litey writing safedisc 2, in particular.

If you’re prepared to buy 2 with money no object, you could also go with the new yammie and the latest asus which would give you roughly the same overall capabilities as a plex/litey pairing.

…the Asus 48x does not do Key2audio.Not with Eac or Clone. It can see all track(in Eac "detect toc manually), but fails to read the disc .

You say the Plextor/Lite-On combo is good. You go on to to say that the Plextor is a superior reader and able to handle audio protections. Does it matter which Plextor? Currently I have a 40X SCSI Ultrawide Plextor (PX-40TW) that I use to read. I also have the Plexwriter 40/12/40A (PX-W4012A) that I use to burn. Which would be better to use as a reader, the reader or the burner?