What is the best writer for backups

my current writer is a yamaha crw f1, I am going to purchase
another writer more capable of backing up protected games. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I moved your thread to the appropriate forum…

If you want to have a drive with all the gimmicks, go for the Plextor Premium. Otherwhise, a LiteOn burner might be a good one to think of.

As this question has been asked a zillion of times before I’d suggest to use the search function of our forum… you’ll find lots of answers very fast and accurate…!

Dont look further than a liteon or asus (value for money and 2 sheep)

Get a LiteON 52246S, fast and beats copy protections with no trouble.

Go get a PlextorPremium (if $ or£ is not the case)else get one of those Lightburners./gs.

  1. Plextor Premium
  2. Asus CRW524A
  3. Lite-On 52 speed

easy as that
as said before try the search function and you will be surprised with the amount off info you’ll get

If you can wait a while the new LiteON 52327S might be worth it.

Plextor Premium would be my first choice also