What is the best Webserver OS?

I think it’s linux suse and the server software apache on it!!!

What is the best Webserver Operating System??


Big DAddy

Whatz up with RedHat 6.2 ???

or FreeBSD, NetBSD or OpenBSD???

ok I am working with redhat to but!! suse is better when you are living in europe and redhat have better support for american products (that’s what I heard). Most servers are using appache because it’s the most stable and fast server prog there is available, over 57% of the whole internet is using appache!!!

Apache all the way.

At my own system I run IIS that is integrated with WIndows 2000, it is easy to setup, but not as fast as Apache


i just read that apache.org was hacked… At security.nl there is even a script how to do it!