What is the best way to test if an audio cd is good or bad?



What is the best way to test if an audio cd is good or bad?
I want to test cd’s deeper than just “readable or not”.

I have tried Nero CD-DVD Speed (Disc Quality Test), but I do not know how to interpret the results. How many C1 and C2 errors can there be on a “good” audio cd? Does reading speed matter?

Are there any other serious tools to test the quality of cd’s (error correction usage etc)?



Play it and listen to it??? If it sounds good OK, you’re set.


C2 must definitely be 0 for a freshly burned CD-R…
If not, something has gone wrong with the process (the media and/or the burner) :iagree:
However, an audio CD (either pressed or burned) can be played perfectly
even if it has C2 errors, since they are correctable.

There is a very interesting post by rdgrimes in the media forum about C1/C2 scans interpretation. :slight_smile:
And yes, reading speed matters in C1/C2 scans.



There isn’t too many consumer level apps, if you have a Plextor then you can use Plextools. Audio masters for replication should be checked by your replication plant.

If this is just for home use then I wouldn’t worry about it being 100%+ perfect as it is doubtful it is since you are probably not using the highest quality CDR and Redbook mastering app.