What is the Best Way To Record Cable TV on 5005, plus other Recorder problems?

I have a question that maybe someone will know how to help. I have two LiteOn LVW 5005A’s, and have had the same problems with both recorders. Both are made July 2004. I have a audio sync problem and a timer recording problem. I have noticed each time that it happens when I record for more then 1 hour, usually I record to up to 5 hours straight. The audio sync problem would happen late in the second or early third hour. I tried using the timer recording, by setting it say from 8 to 9, then 9 to 10, then 10 to 11 and so on. It seemed fine until the 3rd hour when it wouldn’t transition to the 3rd hour and it would just say stopping, and gets confused and locks up. The other problem with timer recording consecutively is that it would lose 30 seconds each time shutting off say at 9 and restarting at 9. Try it yourself. I am in Connecticut, USA, taping my TV shows off of Comcast Cable, usually SCI FI Friday night, which is 4 hours. Here is my question. Would you use the tv tuner on the 5005, or would you use my VCR tuner, which is a Proscan with HI FI? Also, do you think that will cure the audio sync problem?

Let me know what you think, with all the problems I am having and possibly how to solve it



Hi David
For The Locking Up Problem I Don’t Think You Can Fix It That Sounds Like A common Problem With The 5005 It Probley Has Ot Be Sent Back To Lite On.
As Far As The Other Problems I’m Not Sure

I like my 5005, but the tuner is mono and pretty basic-which is unfortunate, and pretty retro on Liteon’s part. My suggestion would be to run the cable signal through the vcr to the 5005 composite in, or s-video if you can up convert via a receiver or some other device - I do record via the cable dvr (cox, CT also, different service area), and use the s-video and rca audio out on cable dvr to the 5005. The recordings look very good up to LP (3hr mode). I do that with OTR, but I suppose you could do with 5005 timer also, although I never played with that.

I would definitely use the VCR tuner. I connect the composite video and audio “outputs” of my VCR to the Composite video and audio “Inputs” on the back of the 5005. When I set up a timer recording I make sure to select the source as AV-2 on the 5005 and leave the VCR on the channel I wish to record.
If I want to make multiple unattended recordings on different channels. I set up the same way but put a “dummy” tape in the VCR and program the VCR as if I were recording on it. Then I set up the 5005 to have the same start and end times as the VCR with the source again set to “AV-2”. I have not had any problems doing it this way and have had stereo sound and good video quality. The “dummy” tape also serves as a “backup” plan in case there is a problem with the 5005.