What is the best way to make use of Bonk Encoder with EAC?

I have been using Bonk Encoder now up to 1.0.12 and I am not certain how best to make use of it now that I am seeing other utilities like EAC.

Bonk has basic ripping of CD’s but offers only jitter correction and cdparanoia error helping. It is great when discs have no trouble being read and is great for combining groups of files at a time to a single output file.

I have started to learn about EAC and the Secure mode but am only using it so far when normal Bonk reading fails with errors. It takes much more time to rip but gives good results.

I take the ripped WAV files from EAC and usually drag them to the Bonk window and select “Encode to single file” and it outputs using Lame v3.98.3.

But I am not sure though if there are smarter ways to work with them both on the same files.

Would ask if you have some opinions and experiences on using them more effectively than I have learned so far.

Thank you

You can do it all with EAC if you prefer…Just make sure that in ‘Compression Options’ you [I][B]uncheck[/B][/I], ‘Delete WAV file after compression’ if you want the wav file as well…

Thank you for reply

EAC can join all tracks into one without additional programs?

I did not know of that feature if so