What is the best way to go?



Goodmorning all…Here is my delima. I guess I bought before checking. From my place of work I got a Dell Optiplex270 for a good price. It is a good workststion workhorse. I just wanted to have a 2nd comp. at home to dedicate to burning movies, music, and media in general. My problem, it’s a small form factor size. Stupid me!!!. I was looking forward to getting the new BenQ1640 and putting in a media card reader. It has a cd-rw/dvd reader and 6 usb ports. I have a sony dru710a in my main comp. and it looks to large
to fit in the 270’s slot so I’m guessing nothing will. Am I stuck with using external drives on this thing? And is that really a bad thing? I am going to be setting it up to be wireless for my internet and I also wanted just a dvd-rom
drive just so to not wear out the burner. Any suggestions, comments, advice, and brow beating would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You would have to take apart the case to see if there is room or not. I would guess the drive is standard but the trim around the opening is Dell.

The main problem with external is problems getting full speed burns above 12X but if you get a Plumax case from Dealsonic they have Prolific chipsets that will get to 16X. Also be aware that some people have reported that the front USB connections on their 270s have not been USB2 so you should plug it in the back.

I have a lot of external drives connected and they generally work just fine.


Although Optiplex 270 is a small form factor, the drive bay is standard so you can swap the DVD-ROM/CDRW with any burners you want.

All USB ports in the machine is USB2.0.

I wouldn’t worry about wearing out a burner given average burner price is only $20 more than a DVD-ROM/CDRW combo drive.


Thanks for the replys. I guess I need to get out the ol jig saw and go to work on the dell case :eek: . Any suggestions still welcome.


TAKE IT EASY! If you take apart the Dell Optiplex case you’ll see you can replace the current drive with your BenQ1640 without getting out the jigsaw and destroying the case. You might have to remove the face plate on the BenQ1640 (not sure dont own one) but no jigsaw should be required. Take a good look at the current drive in the Dell case and see how things are set up. I’m sure you’ll find the solution if you take your time!


Yeah bro, don’t start cuttin’ unless you absolutely have to. On the other hand, you can probably order a brand new case from newegg.com for under $50 shipped.