What is the best way to copy a dvd with a mac?

my girls uncle loves mac’s for some reason and just got a g4 that looks like a table lamp. i was telling him that i copy movies that i like and he could do that too but them i remebered that he uses a mac. i use dvd shrink but dvd shrink doesnt have a mac version so i thought i would ask around.

To copy DVDs on a Mac you copy the DVD to your hard drive using a ripper program, such as MacTheRipper, as well as a program that re-compresses the DVD to 4.4 GB so it can fit on a standard DVD-R like DVDRemaster (recommended) or DVD2oneX and finally you need a program like Roxio’s Toast (excellent but costs $$), or MissingMediaBurner (horrible but is free) to burn your resulting VIDEO_TS folder to DVD.

I’m surprised that it took 3 weeks for someone to come along that knows something about Macs. feel free to ask me if you have any further questions