What is the best way to convert regular audio CD to MP3?

I want to convert some of my audio CD’s to MP3. What is the best way to do this. It depends of course on the tools. Is “Spin Doctor” a good solution or are there better tools with more functionalities??

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You can use MusicMatch, Audiograbber, AudioCatalyst or EAC.
SOme of these work with the LAME encoder. More information you can find on this LAME encoder by searching the news section of our main site www.cdfreaks.com

the easiest way is to use audio catalist wich can be found on www.download.com just drag and drop your files en they will automatically be converted and really fast too.

I find “easymp3” a good program… no nasty GUI, just right click, select the files on the cd rom and drop them into a directory, it will even go onto the CCDB net for the names of the tracks as it’s encoding them…

I know there are loads of different programs, but it’s whatever you’re confortable using…


I have tested every programm wich has to do s.th. with Mp3s.
And I can say u that CDex is the best one for every newbie and also for the experienced. U can download it here http://www.cdex.n3.net/


I use Easy CD-DA Extractor which is NOT the same program that is also used in EZ-CD Creator (I believe that EZ-CD had a program for audio ripping with this name too)
I get very good quality mp3 files, and it’s very fast too :slight_smile:

EAC is supposed to be the best…myself I just use Music Match Jukebox…its simple…

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[B]Can’t point enough to this link on the upper right corner of this forum: Search



yes you can

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try http://www.mystikmedia.com/ I find it easy to use

Nero has a build-in Mp3 encoder and it also supports the latest Mp3pro technology (check www.ahead.de for more info). For best quality I use LAME which supports vbr Mp3.


Use audio catalyst ----> The best prog for CD to MP3kes


When you guys area saying you like a particular encoder prg over another, what’s the basis?

Assuming you are recording digitally, are you saying one does a better job, is faster, the interface is cuter, it’s easier or your sister wrote it? Do they all produce equal quality, so it’s other things that make you like them, is that the deal?

NewBEE (well, here anyway)

EAC+lame is the BEST
visit http://www.r3mix.net/
lot of comparison,graph etc…