What is the best .VOB to .AVI converter?

I am trying to find a new converter to convert VOB files to AVI files. I currently use OJOsoft Total Video Converter and it works pretty well, you can convert to many different types of files (exp, mpeg, mp4, flv).

But im wondering if there is a really good quality converter out there that gives pretty good quality AVI files (but not HD) and keep the file size to a possible minimum. I don’t care if it’s freeware or not.

Anyone have some personal favorites? Thanks!:slight_smile:

AutoGk, Fairuse wizard, avidemux.
Frankly I don’t particularly like proggies with names like “Total” anything…
Remember the saying,
“Jack of all trades ,master of none”…

Cheers :cool:

Xvid4PSP is another option. It can import dvd files directly and output in a wide variety of formats.