What is the best VOB splitter and VOB joiner?

hi everyone,

since i dont have a DVD Burner. I was wondering what is the best VOB splitter and VOB joiner that is out there as in freeware?? after authoring you going to get the VOB files. I was looking for automatic tools can join and split the VOBs automatically… any help?? thanks everyone.

Not sure that this is the right subforum (Try the software one), but there are tutorials in this forum by ChickenMan

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I’m a bit lost, why do you need the VOB’s split and joined ? What exactly are you trying to do?

I wanted a VOB splitter to split the VOB files so they could fit on a regular CD because i dont have a DVD Burner and for the VOB joiner. I wanted that for later in the future just in case if i ever need it…

Okay, then I would suggest you have a look at MPEG2Cut, its free and works well. But for a joiner, I would recommend MPEG2VCR (it cuts as well) its not free (but reasonably priced).

ok i tried MPEG2Cut but didnt understand how to cut the VOB files of the whole entire movie. I need something that will cut the DVD after its authored automatically and that is freeware.

Then use SmartRipper, load in the dvd (browse to VIDEO_TS folder), in Settings click on File Splitting to be Max-filesize and at the bottom set the max file-size to be 699mb. Set a target Folder and hit Start button. This will give you the main movie only chopped up into 699mb chunks so each can be burnt to a 700mb CDR. You can do the same with each Extras if you want and just copy the *.IFO/BUP files to a CD as well.

but my DVD i made is on my hard drive… I converted it from Divx to DVD…

I’m aware of that, have you actually run SmartRipper though ?

I have a question for anyone here even if the poster above wants to answer he can… do i burn every file that SmartRipper made or just drag 1 VOB file over to each CD?? Now as of the IFO and BUP files. Would i need to drag it over to just 1 CD or do i need to drag them files over to every CD that has a VOB on it?? I will be using Nero for the job.

I have the feeling your trying to split a DVD up to burn to 6cd’s and have them playable as well. Dont waste your time, besides 99% of DVD players wont play DVD/VOB files on CD’s anyway. Just convert the original DVD to either VCD or SVCD. Then it will fit to 2 or 3 cd’s and each will be playable. See the Tutorial section on How to’s.

actually i was trying to convert my Divx, VCD and SVCD into DVD or miniDVD. I just need to know how to burn it using Nero 6. Please see my post in the Newbie section on “how to burn a miniDVD”

VOB files are just extracted data from DVD movies. If you want to convert DivX to DVD, you can’t burn it; as you don’t have a DVD burner

Would have been good if you said this in the first place. Unlike VCD or SVCD, miniDVD’s are not progressive and wont play one disk after the other. Each is to be its own playable disk like a normal DVD.

Check your DVD Player that it can actually play miniDVD’s, about 99% CANT play them.

Buy yourself a DVD Burner is the easyiest and most logical solution. The CDR media will cost you way more than a DVDR so will cost you more in the long run.


total waste of time
just buy a dvd burner (doesn’t cost more then 100 euro)

though if you want to be able to play your video on your dvd player just make a svcd of it

I was going to give it a shot with my DVD Player even if it will or will not play miniDVD’s. I wanted to fit as much as i can the discs. even if it won’t be a miniDVD. What are the chances that the VOB’s can not be burned on a regular CD-R?? I doubt it can be burned so that leaves it making a miniDVD. here is the link for my post i was talking about. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=109749

now what should i do with the VOB’s and other files that Smart Ripper made??

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