What is the best video converter to dvd

i use canopus procoder 2 to convert my movies,it does a great job but the thing is is takes a long time to do the job sometimes like 18hrs to convert a movie,i think this too long.

can you help

You already have an excellent coder. How long it takes really depends on the task at hand, the settings used and your processor power. If I was buying a replacement for Procoder, it would be TMPGEnc-4. But your quest for speed might better be served with a new CPU.


If both speed and quality you are after, then look no further than Cinemacraft Encoder SP or commonly known as CCE.

CCE is definitely the king of speed and quality. You can purchase CCE Basic for $58.

thanx much for the help ,will take up ur advice,CHEERS

There is no best. But HC encoder is giving CCE a run for its money. Definitely. If both were free I would choose HC over CCE.