What is the best video card

Hey guys starting to put together components for a new machine and im at a loss to find the best video card for a 1.6 amd setup. I am using machine for games and dvd playing and burning. Thanks in advance for your help!!!

QUestion often asked.
GeForce 3 you can hardly go wrong.

…time’s up

ge force mx400 64mb tv-out can be a good low-price/high performance solution



my money would be on the geforce3 ti200 as this card is basically a trimmed down ti500 with a lower clocked memory - with fantastic overclocking potential !¬)

however the mx40064 is a good card if you don’t want to spend the money

sure, Ge3 are better ,every versions

the only problems are that is’nt cheaper
in italy for a typical Ge3 card like asus 8200 we spend about 400$
for a MX400 about 100$…:eek: