What is the best Video Capture device?



I am going to buy a video capture device in the near future. I want it give me the very best quality for my home movies.

I have my eye on a AVermedia USB 2.0 for 80.00. SHould I look for something else? SOmething better? Faster?




So you want to digitize your VHS tapes?

I’m wondering about what’s the best digitizer myself.

I did however notice that viewing video on a computer monitor is far inferior to a TV.

My friend does video editing for weddings, etc. He uses a Matrox RT2000 (old by now) and it can capture analog video. On the monitor everything looks dark and crummy. But on the “preview” monitor it’s all broadcast quality.

Some people suggest that an easy solution is to buy a stand alone DVD recorder (like cyberhome–he got this recently to make the DVD’s for customers) or the LiteON and just record to DVD from VHS. Supposedly much easier than involving the computer.

Depends on what you are trying to accomplish of course.