What is the best version of Nero as of 5/6/05?

what is the best version of Nero as of 5/6/05?

The latest, as usual: Nero Burning ROM and NeroVision Express with the transcoding patch.

I am still using 5.5.xx.xx - I know, it’s moved on a bit, but I did not need to move on for the sake of it, Nero 5.x works for me (mostly, see below), and until I replace my hardware with newer drives it does what it says on the box :slight_smile:

Ner o6.x just seemed to support newer drives, DL burning and incorporate lots of other non-essential stuff unless you needed it.

The only strange anomaly in this part of the universe with Nero 5.x, and I have, is that file dates are changed and not kept as-is - this is that 1 hour is added on to the file date stamp, 10:00 becomes 11:00, 01:10 becomes 02:10, etc. It does this whether I tell it to use the original file dates or add an entry in the nero ‘use this’ field. Any thoughts? I know, upgrade will be the answer - but it seems strange that both do this - not sure if a much earlier version did - and this is a new install, so reg entries should not be the culprit.

I don’t know about the timestamp issue, but if overall v5.5 gets the job done I understand your reluctance to upgrade. Which goes to show how pointless “what is the best…” queries are.