What is the best suite for capturing video from a DV source and authoring a DVD

Just a quick question for you guys.

What is the best suite for capturing video fro a DV source and autoring a DVD complete with menus. Thanks!

Hi there as well :slight_smile:

Actually, it depends on what you want to do and what your knowledge with systems like these is. IMHO the combination of Adobe Premiere Pro with Adobe Encore is the best for purposes like these, but… these programs are expensive and not that easy to understand.

If you want to do easy video capturing, the Windows XP moviemaker is quite good to do so. After capturing, you can use any editing program you want to edit your DV. Although Premiere is one of the best tools out there, cheaper programs from producers like Ulead (Videostudio pro) and Pinnacle (studio) could do.
Easy DVD authoring can be done with programs like TMPEGEnc DVD Author or Mediachance DVD-Lab.

So, what do you want to do? Extensive editing and authoring? Or simply copying content from DV to DVD?

Let us know, and we’ll help you out (as far as we can :))!

Thanks for the response. I just want to capture home movies from my DV camcorder and show them to the family. Nothing too extravagant. But I also want to include menus so that I can better segment different events as well as tell my family “Hey, look what I can do!”

I’m a little apprehensive on using Pinnacle as it may have done this to my box. Thanks again.