What is The Best Speed of Burning Games

hello people i just need help,

i just want to know about what is the best speed for burning DVD PS2 Games?

because most of the time i waste alot of blank dvdr everytime i tried to burn my ps2 games,sometimes it tooks me 2 or 3 tries before manage to make a good copy of the games, and it feel frustrate me most of the time,

and by the way i used 8x everytime i burn ps2 games.

hope anybody would help me. thanks

Depends on what type of game it is really. If its a fast moving game where the PS2 has to read from the disc a lot i.e. a racing game then a slower speed is recomended as the data is burnt onto the DVD better

Probably the most important thing would be to use quality CD/DVD media. Verbatim would be a wise choice.
Modern burners are optimised for high speed burning so I’d say that the slowest you’d burn a quality 16x disc would be 8x.

Burning speed depends on the game that you wish to burn and use a better quality CD to get good recordings.

must b prob. wid media