What is the best software?

Oh boy. I hope I am doing this right. Yes, I am a newbie. Not only to this site but in general. I am hoping someone can help me. I am looking for software that converts cassettes, records ( if u can believe that ), and vhs cassettes, into either cd or dvds so that I can not only preserve them but be able to burn and use. I know this software exists, I’m just not sure of the name(s) or the best one to use. Help. Thanks.

For the VHS to DVD I would say try the ADS Video Xpress (which comes with it’s own software)… it is cheap and works well…

How are you running your cassette/phono into your computer?

You can use Sound Recorder, which is an application that comes with all windows OS’s, or even use Audacity, which is a free app and gives you the options of saving it as a wav file or an mp3 file…

Since you’re trying to convert analog sound to digital sound, i would first find out if you have recording software for your sound card. Once you have it recorded you can always convert it to any form of media you might desire.

Thanks; sorry for the delay in responding. Will do.

Thanks, sorry for the delay in responding. I don’t have any hookups to the computer. I got an e-mail from Roxio easy VHS to DVD. I guess that software comes with the necessary hardware. Have you heard of it?