What is the best software to split DVD9 on two DVD5's?

So I downloaded a trial of CloneDVD2 from Elby’s site. I like the software as it is very easy to use. However, I have a large plasma and compressing a DVD9 to fit on a single DVD5 loses too much picture quality.

I was surprised to realize (perhaps incorrectly) that CloneDVD2 will not enable you to split a movie on to two DVD5’s like the old 321 Studios DVD X-copy used to.

Can someone recommend a good piece of software to split large, ripped movies on to 2 DVD RWs?

Thanks in advance!

a freeware option:

clonedvd2 does split a dvd-9 onto 2 dvd-5s underneath the preview window you will see a pair of scissors click on it and then move the spacers to fit onto a dvd-5 and then burn after it burns click on the back button and move the 1st spacer to the last spacer and then move the last spacer to fit the rest of the movie onto the other dvd-5 disk.