What is the best software to reduce Video DVD size?

Hello, everybody!

I’m new to the DVD backup and really need your advise on what product is better for DVD9 to DVD5 transcoding? I’m interesting in the product that will:

  • produce the best movie quality over all other products;
  • allow me to remove useless stuff like “warnings”, extra audio, subtitles and bonuses (or leave it) - I mean not the option “Copy All” or “Copy Movie Only”, but the possibility to choose what to remove;
  • simplicity of usage;
  • the possibility to recover data from “bad sectors” (if possible).

I’m asking about ONE product to do the above, not several. I read a lot of guide on how to use different programs, but I really don’t like to remember all that things to do. Just one one program to do all the job by simple choosing the required settings.

I don’t care about copy protection or CSS disks, because all disks I have are not encrypted and region free. I don’t care about the speed, because my computer is Dual AMD Athlon MP 2600+ with enough memory.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Advise! Or at least point me to the comparation guides?

Thank you very much in advance!

there’s no single program that can do everything you’re looking for. if you want the best of everything you’ve mentioned, you’ll have to use multiple programs.

  1. CloneDVD for ease of use. (Quality imho is so so)
  2. DVDFab for ease of use and features. Copies DVDs with little if any loss in quality. (Quality is good). Powerful and easy to use.
  3. Nero Recode for medium ease of use and well supported. Plentiful Video Editing and Authoring features. Popular. (Quality is excellent)
  4. DVD Shrink is the ancestor of Nero Recode. Same author as Nero Recode. Ease of use is slightly more complex than Nero Recode. Gui and video authoring features are plentiful as well, but not as intuitive as Nero Recode. Popular and well supported by the DVD communities. Powerful software. (Quality is excellent if not superior or equal to that of Nero Recode)
  5. DVD Rebuilder. Strong feature is the ability to reduce large DVDs with little or no quality loss since it allows you to use Cinema Craft Encoder, arguably the best encoder available. Weaknesses, software is beta. Ease of use is complex. Takes some research and time to set up. However, if you set it up correctly, you’ll be hooked! Video quality is unmatched and superior to all other authoring softwares, even the respectable TMPGEnc DVD Author. Best of the Best! Second strongest feature is that it’s free. However, the Cinema Craft Encoder isn’t. The Cinema Craft Encoder SP version can cost up to $2000. But don’t be alarmed. The basic version of Cinema Craft Encoder is around $60 or less. Quality is the same as the SP version. The SP version just has more “tweaks and features” to improve your video.

NScythe - thank you for your very productive reply!!!

So as I see DVDShrink should be the “gold” center? I heared that the quality of DVDShrink still not that good. Also some comparation charts thinks DVD2One produces better quality… Any ideas?

Of course I don’t plan to use CCE Basic or SP, simply because of time it will require to encode. Even on my pretty fast computer, it’ll take much more time comparing to DVD2One or DVDShrink. So I’m looking for the software that will do it pretty fast, but with good results!

If you’re looking for a fast and quality burn, I would recommend Nero Recode (same but more user-friendly than DVD Shrink). If I recall correctly, I’ve done the whole ripping, encoding, and burning parts with this software in 1 hr or so depending on your system of course. The longest part was actually my own burner. It only does 4x burns. That took about nearly 1/3 of the total process time. Therefore, if I had a faster burner I would have done the whole thing in less than 1hr with my Amd 2600 and 1.5 gb ram computer. Consider this to DVD Rebuilder which produces awesome quality, but takes 4 hrs or more to do on the best computers available.

People will always compare one software to another to find out what is faster or better in quality. In my experience, quality is subjective. It depends on your own two eyes.
To me I hardly notice any real difference if any between DVD Shrink, Nero Recode, and DVD2One. But the difference between these three and DVD Rebuilder is dramatically noticeable. DVD Rebuilder gives you the “cinematic” appearance in your recorded movies.

I use both DVD Shrink and Nero Recode to encode “The Last Samurai,” both producing quality recordings without the long wait times. Nero Recode may be slightly faster on some movies than Shrink. Think of Nero Recode as the updated version of DVD Shrink.
Nero Recode is more automated and easier to use. But, DVD Shrink offers more user control of the authoring process. The price you pay for this is the necessary and slightly longer and more complicated learning time. With Shrink and Recode you can author subtitles, audio, compression, quality of encoding, delete unwanted scenes, etc… However, the point is that Recode generally has all of these options more or less in automated forms freeing the user from fiddling with options that they don’t understand. Thus “more user-friendly” than Shrink. But Shrink allows the “control freak” to monitor every step of the process using all of the mentioned options and more. Thus, Shrink is “slightly more complicated and not as user-friendly initially.”

Most people would argue that CloneDVD is the fastest of the bunch. However, I find that it sacrifices too much quality when compared to Shrink and Recode and even DVDFab to warrant it as a good recommendation. Indeed it is fast. But I find that the movies reduced and encoded with it are too pixelated and bright with very little contrast and sharpness. It generates in my opinion more “cartoon-like sharpness” rather than the “cinematic sharpness.” But if only speed is what you what, this software is recommended.

Overall, I would recommend both Shrink and Recode for their speed, quality, features, and ease of use. On a personal level, I prefer Shrink for I like the “control factor.” This allows me to learn more about the encoding process and authoring process. I feel that both of these softwares are the most balance in the things that I just mentioned. You can’t go wrong with either one in the end. For beginners, I would recommend Recode. For more advance users, DVD Shrink. But this recommendation doesn’t diminish the quality and popularity of Nero Recode.

Both allow excellent playback compatibility with computer dvds and your standard stand-alone dvd players that you use to watch movies on your TV. This to me is the critical factor. Softwares that are great in quality, features, speed, etc…, but don’t offer the compatibility factor are pointless and useless to me. In the end, they have to work most of the time if not all the time for me to recommend them.

The best advice is to play around with all of the softwares that I mentioned and make a justified decision base on what works for you. But the chances that both Shrink and Recode will work with excellent results are things that you should consider as well.


WOW! That’s all I can say. Thank you very very much, NScythe! Your answer is awesome! I’ll try both Nero and DVD Shrink. I just wanted to hear people’s opinion to choose one without trying all and decide personaly. Simply to save the time. I think you convince me to use Shrink, because I also prefer more control on the process. Thank you very very much again!

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