What is the best software to burn (not copy) a DVD

hi - sorry if i’m asking something that gets answered daily, but my heart is literally starting to race just looking all over the forums trying to see if anyone has already asked the same thing.

i don’t need to copy a dvd. i just want to burn one of my own. i used windows movie maker to capture video off of about 6 years worth of minidv tapes. now i need to get that on to some dvds. my computer has a dvd burner, but i need to download some burning software. everywhere i look online to compare products or read reviews boasts that their product is the best for copying dvds, even protected dvds and so on. i don’t care about any of that. what they don’t say is that they work to make my own dvd.

here’s what i know (or think i know)

  • roxio would work for me for $70
  • nero would too for $80
  • 1clickdvd ??? it’s $59 but only talks about copying
  • is there a good free or open source dvd burner out there?

i’m not opposed to spending the money on roxio or nero if i have to, i just want to buy the right thing.

thank you for taking the time

If Windows Movie Maker has put your videos into a dvd format (vob files inside a Video_TS folder) you can use ImgBurn to burn to disk. It is a free program I use all the time for my videos.

The program can be downloaded from imgburn.com There is a forum associated with the site as well, with guides explaining how to use the program. If you are burning a dvd video to a single layer disk, follow this guide

In build mode, ImgBurn can be used as a general purpose burning program also. The only thing I’m not sure about is audio cds. You might have to use another program for that, but I could be mistaken.

The guide I linked shows how to build an ISO and then burn. You can also select your burner as the output. This will burn directly to the disk without wasting more space on the hard drive with an ISO file. Either way works.

ImgBurn appears to only work with Vob, Ifo and Bup files. windows movie maker will only make WMV files. should i be looking for a different program to burn wmv files onto a dvd or a way to convert the wmv files into something else?

That depends where you want to play these files. WMV will work just fine on a media player on a computer. Won’t work at all on a standalone dvd player.

The best way is to go from dv to mpeg2/dvd format directly. But you may not want to go through importing and converting again, especially if you’ve accumulated a lot of video during those six years. You might look at Adobe Premiere Elements, or TMPGenc Author 3 for that process. TMPGenc Author can also take the wmv files you’ve made and give you a dvd output…don’t remember if the Adobe program can or not.

There are other options, including some free ones if you’d like to try one. SUPER can convert wmv to dvd for you. Then burn with ImgBurn.

Look through some of the guides over at videohelp.com for converting wmv to dvd.

You could also look at Dvd Flick (free).


thanks a lot