What is the best Software Protection Scanner?

I’m using the new CloneCD, but ClonyXL doesn’t show the new “Amplify Weak Sectors” option for writing. Is there going to be an update to ClonyXL or is there a better Scanner?..and what is the new option for anyway? Tell me folks…

I’m not a detection scanner fan (I like to do it manually), I’ll leave that to others.

What’s this new stuff?

Write option: AWS=SD2…most non-SD2 writers should be able to produce a backup that, at least, works in the burner. Will need the Hide Media option if there’s an ATIP check…

Run (play) option: Hide Media = SecuROM & ATIP check - sub reads not required for game titles. You will still need subs for CD-DA, Karaoke, CD-Text & CD+G and any other hybrid I’ve currently forgotten.

i use YaPS
easy to use and nothing to install.
scans almost all protections too.

En werkt die ook op XP ???

Wappy, this is an English forum…

Yes YaPS does work in XP (for downloads check my site) but I prefer ClonyXL (or manual like FutureProof suggested). Make sure you have an ASPI layer installed, else you can’t use these programs.