What is the best software for making a dvd of home videos? menus,templates, music



[B][FONT=Trebuchet MS]I am looking to make a DVD from homemade clips. I know I can burn them with Nero… but it doesn’t have anything fancy to make it look nice and professional example: themed menu templates, customized menu templates, Motion menus and music menus.

I have been looking for softwear and there is just so much… I am feeling overwhelmed. Especially since I JUST learned how to burn a DVD file with Nero!! Yahhh!! hahaha…

I followed this guide http://home.comcast.net/~bbmayo/guides.htm On how to 1st convert & Shrink my home movie… SO from there… what can I do to make an impressive DVD with menus ect…??
Robyn [/FONT] [/B]




others will tell you Nero Vision Express for ease of use, but I don’t see how it can get any easier than DVD_Lab while still offering a very powerful DVD Authoring solution.


Check out www.videohelp.com. There are numerous articles, guides, and tutorials on what softwares are available, and how professional they are.