What is the best software for copying audio CDs?

I would like to make a copy of some audio CDs and I’m wondering what’s the best software to use. I already have Nero 6 and Roxio 6. Are they suitable to copy a whole CD as it is or to also just select tracks from a few CDs and burn a compilation? I have noticed discussions about Alcohol 120% and CloneCD - is one of them the right way to go? I’m sure this topic has been discussed before, but there’s just so much out there, so please help.

Both Nero & Roxio should work fine for you on un-protected CDs. For selecting separate tracks for creating compilations something like CDEX might be a better bet although both of the will do it OK.

nero is pretty good at it. the best way to burn a compilation is to copy all the tracks as .wavs and then burn from hard drive.

actually, specifically for copying audio-cds, there are two very good programs.
first is exact audio copy (eac), which is free and can be found here


the other one is feurio. this one’s really outstanding, but it’s not free. can be found here


hope that helps

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