What is the best shareware / freeware program for "cutting out a scene" from DVD?



I have extracted several VOB and IFO files, and now wish to cut out (extract) a scene from my home video movie. These are DVD’s converted from SUPER8 movie film, I am the owner of the DVD.

Because the original person editing the conversion process missed several sections of lengthy “BLACK” or “BLANK” space, I wish to cut this black area out and reauthor the entire DVD video.

At the same time, there is another scene which I want to extract and send to my newsgroup for people to enjoy.

Which shareware / freeware program does this job, what is a simple program to extract just the scene that I want to use and save it to a file? What file types (video types) options do I have in terms of the actual “output?”

How do I remove the “black” or “blank” sections, while reauthoring the DVD so that the movie is continuous? In other words, in the place where the blank place was originally, there is no lenghty pause or black screen – just immediate transition from the picture on the screen to the next scene?

Thank you


Avisynth + vDubMod for AVI/OGM/MKV
Avisynth + TMPGEnc Plus + TMPGEnc DVD Author/DVD-lab for reauthoring.


use vcdcutter 4.03


Unless you own the rights to the movie, I don’t think it’s legal to distribute copyrighted material to a newsgroup.