What is the best setup for



Well, I’ve been visiting this forum since I got my NEC 3500 in December, and I have to say thank you to everyone for all the useful information you have posted here. The one thing I’ve been wondering for a while is: what is the best two-drive setup for watching, ripping, and burning DVD movies? Once or twice (a long time ago) I saw some people say it’s best to have one drive dedicated to ripping, as DVD-ROMs tend to be better at that than burners, but I’m not sure if now people consider newer burners to be up to the task of ripping. I thought it would be useful to everyone if there was a thread dedicated to such discussions, as I’m sure we all have different priorities. (Also, go ahead and delete this thread if I’ve been stupid enough to overlook a pre-existing discussion on this topic.)

So, my question is: what is the best two-drive setup for watching, ripping, and burning DVD movies (DVD+R DL), but please feel free to ask similar questions here as well.

(This is not a “which drive is better?” question – there are enough of those threads already – so please don’t start debating NEC vs. BenQ, but don’t be afraid to say if one drive is particularly good at ripping, for example, if it’s relevant.)



I personally would read with a BENQ and write with a NEC (very good at writing but not such a good reader)


The 3500 is a great burner! I recommend one of these for a reader=Plex 716, Aopen 1608, Pioneer 109, BQ 1620 etc.
PS/the 3540/3530 is not a bad reader with Rip Locked removed.


I have a Aopen 1648/AAP for ripping (great drive, very good error correction) and a NEC 2510 for wrting (burns very well even with crappy media).