What is the best SCSI DVD reader out there

I’m building a new system and need the best SCSI DVD reader out there. The writer will be the Sony DRX-500 UL. I need to back up DVDs for my kids.

You don’t need a SCSI DVD-ROM. If you ran out of IDE sockets, get a cheap ATA66 PCI controller. SCSI is so 20th century. A Lite-On 166S will do just fine.

Unless there’s some top of the line DVD-ROM that’s only in SCSI interface, you won’t get much benefit from a SCSI. (the same DVD-ROM will perform (almost) as good with IDE as with SCSI-interface).
Not that SCSI is all dead, but the performance margin on optical drives is just too small (except when writing to several drives at the same time from various sources). SCSI Harddrives are another case; 10-15k rpm, fast and lots of cache and some fuckin fast accestimes and durability make it still worth for a Fileserver or very HD-stressing apps.

I searched for a SCSI-DVD-ROM too some time ago, but it wasn’t worth the effort and I took a 16xPioneer and a 16xASUS with IDE interface. I don’t regret it :slight_smile:

Toshiba. Dunno if it reads DVD+ though.

For IDE interface i’d suggest a Toshiba M1612 or M1712. I’ve got an M1612 and it can read about any dvd and cd format there is.

The reason I am opting for SCSI is for mutitasking purposes. I can read from the SCSI DVD and burn to the firewire/USB DVD without slowing my machine and hogging my CPU. I can be scanning and manipulating in photoshop and printing simultaneously. System will be Dual Xeon 3.06 GB running XP Pro. And yes, HD will be Seagate 15K.3 (15,000 RPM) in a RAID 1/0 setup.
I’m getting also the Plextor 40/12/40s drive.