What is the best rpg you played on pc



:slight_smile: hey all just wanted to find out about what rpg game’s you play out there :slight_smile:


Best by far is SW: Knights of the Old Republic. It had one of the best stories ever and one of the most shocking twists ever too. Cant wait for KOTOR 2 on the PC


how old is that game?


Was released in 2003. Won many awards. Second one is released for the X box at the moment. Waiting for the PC version


cheers mate


the best one i played was Baldur’s Gate 2 (with the AddOn “Throne of Bhaal”)
SW: KOTOR was good, also, but you (your character) is not as “free” as in BG2…
also Gothic 2 (original german) is a very very great game!


Dude, Morrowind with all its expansions! You can play forever!


Wow, you guys didn’t mention Diablo, and Diablo II and all it’s expansions. In my humble opinion i think it is one of the best RPG’s of all time. I am sad that Blizzard has given up on the franchise.


hm, i would not call diablo a RPG - it’s just a “hack’n’slay” game, not comparable to a real RPG…


Eye Of The Beholder II was one of my first happy introductions to the RPG world. I still believe it was one cool rpg.
Currently : KOTOR 1 was a very very very good one.


I must say that ff7 was the very frist one i ever played sat there for weeks playing that :wink: but good old game

p.s i forgot to add this to start


bloodwich (spetrum)
dungeon master (amiga)
baldurs gate (pc)


FF X and X-2.




Best RPG on pc hey?

Whelp, 1st off would be SW:Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR), then NeverWinter Nights (Sigh Aribeth, Aribeth.) with both expansions.
And 2005 promised both SW:KotOR 2 and NWN 2 for PC!

Stuff HL2 (Biggest disappointment in a game I’ve played for ages) Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines was excellent though, but I digress.

Long live Bioware!


Yep Morrowind is definitly one of the best rpg’s ever. Ah the freedom. :cool:


I have 2 favorite RPG’s. The first one is Baldur’s Gate (I haven’t played the expansion). I think it is the very first “big” game - it was 5 CDs! I remember I had to switch them almost everytime I was playing and it was awful… even a DVD could not hold all the data! And remember it is dated 1995-96. The story is beautiful and the thing I remember most is that there are a huge number of hidden objects and features. While nowadays you always find a guide which tells you how to do all possible things, BG is too wide.

The second RPG is the one below :bigsmile:


the best RPG has to be World of Warcraft!!!
it’s has a great campaign and great multiplayer


I’d have to place my two cents with Savannah on the Vampire The Masquerade, dispite the horrific problems with the coding in the game, the story and gameplay itself is amazing.

Although if i can cheat I’d say the best is Final Fantasy III (VI) on ZNES is the best RPG around

Definately the most entertaining is Monkey Island 1 and 3, 2 wasn’t as fun and i disown 4.


I truly like Gabriel Knight 3 because the story was so good and kept you alive and interested while playing.
Morrowind also because the freedom and leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeength.