What is the best recording program overall?

I know this question must be asked a lot, but I searched the forum and can’t find anything, so, I’ll ask: Which application do you think is overall better for making 1:1 copies of original CDs. I don’t mean the easiest, just generally which has more features, can backup more protection schemes, etc… I’m using CloneCD with ClonyXXL and profiler and I was wondering if it’s time to update :slight_smile:

Oh, and, by the way… What format should I save my images as? I regularly backup my CDs to the HDD so that I don’t have to look for CDs all the time, and I’d rather save everything as an .iso image, but what would be the best to save as? I think the .ccd format also saves other data, so that would be better than an .iso… So what should I choose?

Poromene welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Both Alcohol and Blindwrite are currently more up-to-date with current protection schemes, than CloneCD. It depends on the games you want to back up.

The image files you should use depends on which program you will use to burn them after that. I also use CCD to create images and emulate them with DTools, but you can do that with other image types and software also. Alcohol also introduces a virtual drive if you want one in all program.

Aman! Efxaristo :stuck_out_tongue:
I tried Alcohol 120% (latest version) with Alcoholer and D-Tools, and it seems to work fine, it can even write .ccd files, so I’m happy. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: Another quick question: If an image works correctly with D-Tools with no emulation, does that mean it will theoretically work OK if I burn it to a CD using, say, Alcohol?

Generally speaking if the image works with no emulation it means that it was made correctly. Whether it will work after burning depends on the hardware, software and settings that are used to burn the image.

Great, thanks :slight_smile: