What is the best quality for VIDEO for web use? (Which format?)



Thank you to the community - I have seen low quality MPG and some window media player video that has been less than ideal in quality. I realize that quality = larger file size, but my question is this:

What is currently the most HIGHEST QUALITY video type that can be used on the web? (Assuming not using a straight non-compressed video file)

In other words, what is the best format with compression for web related use?


What is a better movie format: MOV (apple quicktime) or RM (real player) and how do they compare in quality to windows media player video?

Thank you!

p.s. I am new to this, so I may be asking simple questions: I hope that you will kindly be patient and appreciate the kind suggestions!


MPEG-4 is great (XviD) if you don’t use a very low bitrate otherwise I’d recommend WMV9 because it smooths quite well at low bitrates.
RV and QT is out of the question imo since it requires external applications.


In terms of QUALITY : is the video bitrate very similar in mannerism to mp3 bitrates?

In other words, let’s take AVI - - can this format be “encoded” (say from a DVD video) and compressed in a similar manner that mp3 are created from .WAV or CD files?

What about different quality levels? With mp3 audio, you can select 128 for average quality bitrate on up to 320 for 4X compressed high quality – --

I guess the question is: Is this a similar way of working with video files? Especially for web use where size is an issue. And quality vs. web friendly use becomes a major issue?

btw - what type of program am I looking for in order to make AVI from video or DVD video?

Would you be willing to provide some names of software packages (titles) that do this?

Thank you again for your kind helps!



1, Yes, it’s the same as for MP3s etc
2, There are applications that goes under the “all-in-one” label but they don’t produce acceptable quality at low bitrates imo.
3, Average bitrate varies, some clips has less motion while others just compresses better than others. Normally for clips around 352x288 the avg bitrate is 300-500 kbps depending on compressibility. High quality would be above 550kbps all the time but that also makes you wanna bump up the resolutiom since a good 1CD movie-rip stays around 900-1100kbps.
4, That depends on compression, if you need streamable files use WMV9 otherwise XviD.
5, http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=94596
Low bitrate in WMV9, you will probably get some blocks at this bitrate.
It’s a bit short and doesn’t involve cropping but it should be adequate.
If you want to know more then go to doom9’s forums.