What is the best protection scanner?

Hallo there.
i was verry happy with clonyxxl, but now the produktion of the program has stopped. and it seems that there will bee no more updates. so i would like to hear, from all you guys: “What is the best protection scanner, with clonecd???”

The majority of proteection scanners (like clonyxxl) are free and made by everyday people. At some point or other, they are too suseptible to no longer having updates and becomming a thing of the past. So, in my opinion, there is no best nor will there ever really be, unless its finacially supported.

You can always try scout or yaps as alternatives.

I prefer to use SecuromIDv2-Safedisc (Prot Version and Securom ID) files to scan for versions of each, once it is known which protection you are dealing with.

Links here

Got this one ? > Swiss Scout2.4

Thanks for this link, Bo!!! :slight_smile:

Gonna try it now!!!