What is the best program to create CD Covers?

I need to create some CD Covers for my self burned Music CDs, but i couldn´t find a good program to do it. Thanks in advance :wink:

If you keep in mind the fixed sizes, nothing beats Adobe products (Photoshop etc).

But perhaps you can find some helpful information here:

I mean software not only to print covers, but to create new ones from the scratch.

Must agree with Tax, Adobe Photoshop series is unbeatable. But it takes a little learning to use it well.

For simple purposes such as creating covers, I would suggest trying to look for an older version because of how expensive Adobe products are. Adobe version 5, 6, 7, or CS would probably all serve you equally. Might be hard to find version 5.0 for sale, ebay it…lol

You might also like to look into a software called ACDSee and they were freeware up until version 3 I think, but after that they require to be purchased. They are up to version 6 but version 5 is almost as good as version 6.

I´m sorry i forgot to say, but i mean programs that are for cover design only. I already got the Acoustica CD Label Maker but that has only limited options for creating covers.
Any alternatives would be great. Thanks so far!

I like the cover designer programs that also come with burning software. WinOnCD has one of the best one’s I’ve seen and liked. The one with Nero is not bad either.

Most people create cover designs through third party software (ie: Adobe Photoshop) and then import their artwork into any Cover design software. You will not achieve better results than using two programs, each best at what it does.

I do not know of any programs that exist for what you are looking for, it seems you are looking for a program like Adove Go Cover Live which doesnt exist because the method mentioned just above is far superior.

I think you’ll like this…


I use the one that comes with nero. Its pretty good. Also i think feurio has one…

Thanks a lot so far! I know that most of you prefer the Adobe products, but i never worked with these before and i think you need some experience and training to work with these progs for acceptable results, but i simply want to create simple covers, but my current prog doesn´t offer enough options for creating these. But i think the SureThing CD/DVD Labeler is exactly what i need. Thanks again for you help!

I found AudioLabel CD Labeler very helpful when i burnt some cd’s .
Give it a try here .

I would recommend CoverXP as it’s very simple to use.