What is the best program for dvd +r dl media

i only use verbatim +r dl media now. i was wondering if clonedvd or clonecd was the best. i have heard clonedvd changes the layerbreak and clonecd leaves it alone by doing a 1:1 copy. was wondering what the best program would be for burning the dl media. :bow:



Imgburn is the burning engine of DVD Decrypter and does a good job on DLs. Both of the Clone programs you mentioned are also said to work well. If you have them, try them and see which works for you. By the way ,Imgburn is freeware. I don’t use DLs so I have no personal experience, only what I read…

IMHO, the combination of dvd decrypter with AnyDVD for the rip, and then Img for the burn, is second to none for DL burns. (Dvdd also is ok right now for a burn app, but is defunct re: future development, whereas Img will continue to be developed). I can’t speak to clonedvd, but I’ve used various fab applications and they’re improving. I’m starting to have some success ripping with fab express and burning with recode2. Nero, typically, has not been well suited for DLs, but for some reason, this combo works pretty well. VSO (fab’s default burn app) is also developing a burn engine that should improve the LB issues.

CloneCD for 1:1, CloneDVD otherwise.