What is the best prog to rip from DVD to DivX

ok, i am SURE this question has been asked before now, but i just want the most recent answer…

i recently aquired a DVD-ROM drive, and i would like to be able to get a DVD movie and make a DivX of it (put it on cd-r’s). So far i have found out that to do this i need to rip the dvd then do lots of other stuff (work out the audio, yada yada). The way i currently know of is to rip it using DVD Decrypter then use guardian knot to do the rest, but this seems like a LOT of work, you have to do a ton of things in guardian knot.

my question is this- is there a program that will do everything for you, i saw information about Ice Alcohol and that seems nice but what is the current best program,

either what is the best program that will do everything in as few steps as possible or if this program does not do a good job, what is the best program to use overall (as many steps as necessary)

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If you are (were) using Gordian Knot, you should not be using DVD Decrypter to rip DVD’s but only the rippers that come with Gordian Knot, SmartRipper and vStrip. Basically, SmartRipper is all you’ll need for ripping.

The “best” program is a matter of opinion. Personally, I’m highly satisfied with Gordian Knot, and this seems to be the program that more advanced users prefer for its flexibility and tweaking possibilities. It is also very well supported on the Doom9 website.

Individual users have their preferences, and ChickenMan on this forum recommends Vidomi, which may be a good program for beginners. I don’t use Vidomi, but the results should be comparable as long as they use the same codecs, filters, etc.

Others may like FlasK, but I gave up on it long ago. In my opinion, it just doesn’t compare to Gordian Knot, with which I consistently get flawless results.

Gordian Knot tends to be preferred for those wanting to tweek things but Vidomi prefered for simplicity. As Inertia said, both will give the same result using same codec and general settings.

The best program is always the one that give the result your looking for with the ammount of effort you want to put into it.

Hey if you want a nice and easy program for the divx’ing use: DVDX ver 2.00 or higher.
I love it because there isn’t all these settings to work out (like there is in the KNOT) and the movies that come out are just fine :slight_smile:

It is a newbie prog. but it works.

use dvd decrypter, and all will be fine

good luck

I found that I like Gordian Knot the best

lots of tweaking options and you can VBR mp3.


  1. Vidomi
  2. Gordian Knot

DVD Rippers

  1. DVD Decrypter
  2. SmartRipper

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Personally i use FlaskMPEG… this program seems to be easy for me i learned how to use it in like a day or two :slight_smile:

rip the dvd with smart ripper and load the first VOB file in FlaskMPEG. basically read here for info… here is site i learned how to use it from here…

also u need to have ASPI 4.60 installed to use smart ripper whcih they dont say. but once u got it installed just follow instrutions on that site

good luck

i use:

DVD Decrypter (for ripping the DVD’s)
FlasKMPEG (for encoding)
VirtualDub (for editing)

FlaskMPEG for converting DivX? Hmmzz… Most advanced users prefer Vidomi or Gordian Knot for converting DivX (DVD rip) :smiley:


Have any users been using or tried DVD Copy Plus www.dvdcopyplus.com from 321 Studios? I find Vidomi the easiest to use but would like more options and without the complications of GKnot. There are some apps that crash when i use the codecs from Nimo.

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DVD Decrypter and Vidomi

I do not like any of the “all in 1” dvd > DivX packs out there. (Like Vidomi, DVDx etc.).

I prefer the hard way:
DVD Decrypter - Rip DVD.
DVD2AVI - Create m2v file and to decode/demux audio.
VFAPI Reader Codec - Create a “Fake AVI” file from the m2v file.
VirtualDub - Encode to DivX, using 2-pass and filters.

Whether you convert DivX (dvd rip) manually or use Vidomi or Gordian Knot, you’ll find out by using these 2 excellent programs you’ll produce top quality video& audio, so why waste the time converting manually? If you examine ChickenMan’s tutorials (Moderator), you’ll notice he recommends Vidomi 1st, and I “assume” Gordian Knot as a sub for tweaking (advanced)?.

Gordian Knot download: http://www.doom9.net/
Go to downloads :smiley:

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Note Gordian Knot IS packaged with SmartRipper, DVD2AVI& VirtualDub :smiley:

On your tutorial “How to backup DVD to DivX simply”, step 3 (Conversion), step 2, you can load the .ifo file rather than loading all the vob files manually :smiley: I know you already probably know this, but thought I would bring this to your attention :smiley:


Adding vob files seperately comes in handy when converting a dvd that contains more than 1 .ifo file like Band Of Brothers (HBO episodes), MAS*H (1st season episodes) where you have to rip& convert eash episode manually(sucks).

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Gordian Knot + dvd decryptor is easily the best.

GK now comes with dvd decryptor, smartripper is ditched
(all smartripper ever did better is label the audio tracks…
people who liked dvd decrypter just selected first audio
track as it is always the english sound track)

What is the difference between FlaskMPEG and Vidomi?
Does Vidomi automatically calculate the file size and split it?

Yes you have the option to split the dvd file after ripping using Vidomi :smiley: Our moderator endorses Vidomi and I agree with ChickenMan :smiley: The differance between FlaskMPEG& Vidomi? FlaskMPEG NOT recommended by “experts” in the field, Vidomi& Gordian Knot is :smiley:

  1. Vidomi
  2. Gordian Knot

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Locate the tutorials ChickenMan posted on how to simply backup dvd to divX (Vidomi) :smiley:

Thx for the info, I’ve tried Vidomi and I got bad sound but I think it was because I converted to 44khz anyway the best thing about it is that you don’t have to calculate the size or split the file… pretty damn good :stuck_out_tongue: