What is the Best MP3 Encoder?

What is the Best MP3 Encoder program ?

I’m using Cowon JetAudio v7.0.3.3016 Plus VX Retail , and it is working well.

but is there any alternative better than it ? and what is the best ?

LAME. Don’t ask ‘what’s best?’ or people will answer LAME. Or at least those who have tried it…

I shouldn’t try to know the best, may i’ve read an article comparing the MP3 Encoders … etc
and for sure every one would answer from his own point of view, except someone give a prove on what he gonno say.

Agree with [I]oliteddy[/I], LAME is the way to go IMO. See also here and here.

I pretty much use software that uses LAME - whether in Win or Linux.
Can’t say that I know it is better than other encoders, because I don’t use many others :bigsmile:

Another LAME user here, does that qualify for a pun? :bigsmile:


Yup, I guess that qualifies as a pun :bigsmile:

Not sure if it still applies, but at one time, it was:

LAME for high bitrate (192k+ and VBR)
Fraunhofer for low (128k and below)

Maybe LAME has been improved to the point of being an all-bitrate champion, but initially, the tuning effort was directed towards “transparency” at higher bitrates and efficient VBR, rather than limiting the damage at non-quality bitrates.