What is the best MP3 burning software?

I need some suggestions about some good software for burning MP3s onto CD (not Audio CD).

Thx for your help,

Van Gog

You can do that with any software.

Depends if you want extra features.

If you want the MP3s to be listed in a special order, I think you can best include a m3u file created in WinAmp for example.

That way the particular order gets loaded every time (be sure that the paths are correct then)

Nero has a built in file verifier that checks the disc vs the original file. If it’s different, it lets you know which tracks are changed.

My caraudio includes a MP3 player where I put normal CDR’s in containing mp3’s on it. (in fact I use CDRW’s so I can change the contents if I had enough of it)
I always use Nero to burn the cd’s and have never had a prob with it! So I suggest you use Nero.

For a physical copy you should use Clone.

For a logical copy you can use Nero or Easycd creator.

For a logical copy for audio sistem you can use Feurio or EAC.:slight_smile:

Use the MP3 CD option from EZCD Creator.

Burns a CD with Playlists & Auto-run and so on.

Feurio can sometimes be a tad better than Nero, because it allows you to burn mp3s that are slightly out of sync.
Nero just gives you an error, Feurio does that too, but gives you the option to burn anyway. :slight_smile:

To burn mp3 cd’s use: MediaJukebox.
It’s an mp3 jukebox so it lets you find the music you want easily to put onto the CD’s and then lets you add it to the burn list.
The reason I suggest it is because it lets you clearly see and specify the order the tracks are going to be burnt onto the CD.

Music Match JukeBox is also fine.

I allways use Nero!

Problem I have with Nero and MP3s is the inability to change the order. Real inconvenience. I also have a problem with their arrogance with their lack of support.

The easiest format for this, where you can drag and drop changes in order of MP3s is Record Now by Stomp. I feel that the sound is better than when using Nero. RecordNow has a fantastic interface for this and makes it so easy to put in CD text.

There have been a couple of times when I had to go back to Nero, when RecordNow had difficulty with VBR and figuring out the size of the file, also another one where RecordNow told me that a file was illegal and Nero burnt it fine.

I’am still using Mp3 Liquid Burn, no problems for my usage.