What is the best media?



I’m trying to figure out what is the best media to use for making photo slideshows. I’ve heard that to last a long time you need archival quality. I honestly do not know which is the good media. I want to put all family photos on cd or dvd for slideshows. Please help someone. Thanks Arl427


verbitrim or tdk are exelent, nerver had a failed burn with either, both dvd and cd media :slight_smile:



Taiyo Yuden are highly recommended by many.

For in the U.S.

-R media:

+R media:

Sometimes retail stores such as Fry’s and Best Buy stock Fuji branded media that are Taiyo Yuden. The Fuji DVDRs you want will say “Made in Japan” in small print.

Good Luck!


Name brand media is overpriced and over-rated. :wink: Granted, you find good deals on them from time to time but you do take a gamble with what you are getting. TDK has definitely been on the decline for quality and Verbatim. . .well it all depends where they are made. Your best bet for quality media is Taiyo Yuden. They apply very strict standards for thier quality and you never have to guess who is making the disc or worry about them changing out manufacturers from batch to batch. Ritek DVD-R (not the cheap knock-offs) is a good cost effective alternative to TY though.


Rima prices are not far off from retail store prices, and you’re guranteed Taiyo Yudenmedia, the BEST media around. Hell, if you are not in CA, you don’t even have to pay tax. 8x 100/cake is $75 for DVD+R, $65 for DVD-R, and S/H is under $5.


Not far off from retail? Unless you are getting a special deal of some sort, rima is MUCH Cheaper. Take a look at what Best Buy or other retail stores charge for Verbatim media. About $60-$70 for 50 discs unless they are on sale (and that is for 4x media). Even when they are on sale they are $40+tax and then of course they still aren’t a good deal unless they are made in Singapour (True MCC manufactured discs and not CMC manufactured discs). The real advantage to rima is that the price there only goes one way. . .DOWN. With retail stores it is a matter of hoping you time it right between purchases.