What is the best media to use with a SOHW-812S?

Looking for media that will write well and be playable in my Panasonic combo TV. What should I use?

Check out this link for a list of good media:

Taiyo Yuden

Also, do I want PLUS R or MINUS R media? I know the burner can burn both types, but which is generally more compatible?

It all depends on what speed you want to burn at. Liteon likes +R media… With set book type utility no compatibility problems playing it back. Burning quality is the issue. Here is a good burn… Too bad it cant burn at the rated speed and produce coasters. Everyone hates the media. But I get the same results form Princo’s… Quality v/s speed…

This might help. :cool:


Either one when it comes to TY. :wink:

But PLUS when you’re dealing with LiteOn.

In my experience, TY, MCC002 and RicohJPN01 all do amazingly well @ 8x.