What is the best media for Wii backups?



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I forgot about this site until seeing a reference to it on dealextreme.

Anyway, what is the current consensus on the best media for Wii backups?

What about mini dvd’s for gamecube backups? I don’t have a GC but have gotten one GC backup to work on my Wii. I suppose it’s not worth it buying more expensive mini media since it’s for a Wii.

Thanks everyone.


Verbatim (made in Singapore) for DL requirement and Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden for SL requirements…

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Ok cool, thanks.

What’s the best source online for the TY? I read another thread on here that it seems that TY is one of the most copied brands out… meaning fakes are advertised as TY when they really are not.


If you are in the U.S. you can get them from…



What about Canada? for TY.


[quote=logitendo;2140851]What about Canada? for TY.[/quote] Our Canadian members often recommend blankmedia.ca.

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I wouldn’t recommend the TY media from SuperMediaStore…I’ve had nothing but problems with them in my Wii.


can anyone recomend / point me to a uk source of discs for the wii (single layer) im baffled by the choice of verbatim at svp etc.