What is the best media for a Philips dvdr1640?

can anyone tell me what is the best blank media disc is best for a
Philips dvdr1640.i am having probs finding what is best suited for my burner, i have tried so many different kinds but keep getting some kind of problems either it is not burning properly or when burning is finished i cant play it on a stand alone dvd player.

could someone please help my bank balance as it is costing me a fortune.

quality +R like FujiFilm, Tayio Yuden & Ricoh. bitsett to dvd-rom.

Mine burns ritek g03’s + and -, tyg02 (fujifilm), Memorex, verbatim, all with no problems. Do you have the most current firmware? If you do, and your are still having problems, you could just have a bad drive. My first BENQ1620 was bad, and I had to get it replaced. I love the new one. Fantastic burns…