What is the best Lite-On for Scanning (USB) type



Hello All
New to this part of CDFreaks so take it easy on me OK :bow:
don’t really know to much about burners anyway I am in the market for a burner that support scans, and I have been told that Lite-On is one of the best so can anyone tell me which one is a good one for scanning :confused:
Like to get one that is a USB type



They will all scan. The new 18x and 20x burners seem to be popular here, but I don’t have one. I know all the previous Lite-ons work in a good USB external enclosure. I guess these would too.

I have this enclosure and I recommend it. It has the Cypress AT2+ chipset.


Thanks steve for the reply, for a minute there I thought I had cudies :bigsmile: