What is the best ISO image creation software?

What is the best ISO image creation software:
MagicISO, WinISO, UltraISO, or free ISO Recorder, ImgBurn?

(for main purpose only - to create ISO. I can burn image on Nero).

ImgBurn can create ISO files and can also burn them :slight_smile:

I like MagicISO as well.

Another vote to MagicISO.

I prefer UltraISO for advanced ISO making tasks. For simple ISO creation, many tools are adequate such as e.g. the free ImgBurn.

What you meant by ‘advanced ISO making tasks’? Does ISO is’t universal thing?
I need create ISO from CDs(data CDs), and sometimes from folders and files on hard drive. Can ImgBurn do this accurately? Or better use UltraISO?

I think ImgBurn will be perfectly fine for this.

I also like ImgBurn.

I use:
[B]h2cdimage[/B] - for reading ok (and damaged) discs
[B]ImgBurn[/B] - for authoring and writing to discs
[B]dvdisaster[/B] - for creating images with error correction data and also reading them from disc

I don’t like big and fat authoring suites.

i prefer Alcohol 120% because i only create ISOs when i need to deal with copy protections

No, Alcohol 120% is not correct one, huge program with many unnecessary functions. I use Nero 6.0 Ultra.Ed. for CD/DVD burning, probably, the best CD and DVD burning software. I need just create ISO from CD and DVD.

Nero can do it easily. When you choose what the destination drive is, choose Image Recorder, and when you “burn” the files, it will ask where to save the .ISO image. Then you can just burn it with Nero later.

But for adding files or editing ISO files, I use PowerISO

Does someone know, what mode is preferable use for ISO recording, Disk-at-Once 96 (DAO96) or just Disk-at-Once ? (in NERO)

I tried using MagicISO, and for some strange reason it seems to be asking for a re-writeable CD in the drive… not just a blank CD-R. Am I missing something?

I just use Nero Express, using Data compilation and select the destination as Image Recorder… just like any other disc you’d burn.

So an ISO image created like this should be usable for CD-DVD Speed Burning?

Should be.