What is the best internal CD/ DVD RW DL combo

Hi Freaks, why is everything so cryptic around here? Took me forever to get a ‘post up’. All I’m looking for is a list of ‘the better’ CD/DVD RW drives with features ‘good to go’. You know, a list of the current ‘good drives’. My question is, what is the best, most reliable, even a more expensive, internal CD/ DVD RW DL combo drive, that’s ‘got legs’ and does the job right everytime?
Someone’s DVD drive company must have had these general guiding principles in mind at the design stage, surely? So, O.K., I yield… where’s the list?
What drive would you buy if you had my PC? It’s a: P4/ 2.8MHz; on a Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro 2 (Intel 865PE chipset); with 1.5GB of matched (Dual Channel) DDR400 RAM; HDD is a 120GB Barracuda IDE ATA100; video - Leadtek WinFast A340 TD (nVIDIA GeForce FX5200); current (flakey) CD-RW/DVD is a Lite-On SOHC-5232K… I also want the new drive to be reasonably quick but definitely RELIABLE for data back up; double layer; multiple region possible; dare I say, etc? Ranger newbie requests some help please.

You seemed to manage it all right with your previous four posts; I guess the last one was a year ago…:wink:

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LOL @ imkidd :bigsmile:

There is no drive that’ll “do it all” and do it well - what you’ll get is people’s recommendations :slight_smile:

I personally really like the LG drives, but they don’t offer quality scanning.

The BenQ 1650 is also a good drive, as are the latest LiteOns…but some may have opinions on the 1650 and DL media (seen varying opinions myself, can’t comment 'cos I don’t use DL).

Hehe, may I add my opinion about the mediocre CD-R quality of recent Liteon DVDRW drives? :bigsmile:



Yeah, I prefer my BenQs or LGs for that :iagree:

Excellent… :bigsmile:

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I have a 1650 and it worked for a while. Thing is it’s gone bad… but not totally so I couldn’t tell right off.

It’s left me a little sour so I’m not going to recommend it.

Ranger says: “Thanks for that eoniverse. You comment is appreciated.” :slight_smile:

i recently bought a sony dru-820a and it hasnt kicked any dvd’s or cd’s out for burning problems or bad media. all of the dvd’s i had stuck in the closet due to my last burner (samsung) rejecting them all seemed to work just fine in the new sony burner. pretty affordable price and easy to install. comes with nero 6 which is (imo) a halfway decent burning program. even better was the quality of the burned disks. no skips or lockups of any kind. wish i had bought this thing a long time ago.