What is the best graphic card?

Hi all…

There are so many graphic card… and I am looking for a new graphic card…

I have got 3dlabs vx1 and I would like to upgrade to new one…

I use graphic card for MAYA, HOUDINI, RENDERMAN, and probable 3DMAX (obviously game so I do not want to get another card for just professional purpose… like what I use right now…)

Can you help me?

For professional purposes I think you need a card with a good OpenGL support.

My knowledge in that area is limited, but GeForce cards peform great with games.

Maybe you can check some hardware related sites:
Toms Hardware Page
Sharky Extreme

and of course this forum for previous tips from other users, for that you can use the search.

you should check out a geforce 3. not only are they the best for gaming but they have 64mb ram and provide excellent support for opengl. the additional processing power will work wonders for your graphics apps. my asus v8200 deluxe also has tv in/out if you need that.

ATM the new geforce 3 series (Ti), where the 2d in past was shit, they got now extremely 2d & 3d performances,

ATI 8500 its cheaper than a geforce 3 ti500 and is more powerful, it also has alot more features!

but dont take my word for it , just read for yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

You will just hafta wait for ATI to make a good driver for there 8500 card !


-=GForce RULES=-


Read the link above

Nvidia QUADRO video chip card can be good for you

Note: GeForce and Quadro are the same chip with
disabled functions


the Geforce3 is a much faster renderer than your 3dlabs vx1, also the opengl driver is professional level and usuable with ALL the top level 3d/cad packages. The ATi opengl is awful and extemely, I would avoid the ATi if you want it for professional use.