What is the best Geforce 3 card available?



I am gonna buy me a new GF3 card,but what is the best?
Is it the Hercules?

Let me know



I`d go for a card by ASUS


The chipset is the same on every card, so as for performance they won’t differ much. So what it comes down to is the features.

Asus has great support and extended features on their graphic cards. Leadtek usually has great features as well…

I would look for the features rather than the performance, for that really makes very little difference.


Perhaps check this link:

It is a comparative test of several GeForece 3 cards.


With the ASUS card you got lot’s of extra’s, but you’ll pay also more for those extra’s


How about this on
Highest 3dmark score ever!!
The review is in dutch/englisch.

Greetz Copycat